Evolution as Bad Science – 10) Living Fossils

No, not members of the House of Lords, but those rather embarrassing little creatures that ain’t when they should be. Now, as you and I both know, one of the key elements of the fossil Job Description is ‘being dead’. Go, climb a mountain, find a rock, split it open with a hammer, find something that looks like a sea creature, and while you consider whether this is evidence of whether the world was once covered by a global flood, like it says in Genesis, also take time to notice that this creature is an ex-creature. It is no-more. It has shuffled off this mortal coil. It is dead. Yet everything from sharks to Gingko plants have been called “living fossils” – and why? – because they are still alive, yet we find fossils of the same types of creature in rocks that evolutionists claim are think-of-a-number hundred million years old. Which becomes a worry once you work out one of the main ways biologists and geologists date rocks. The biologists date the fossils from the sorts of rocks they find them in – they trust the geologists. The geologists date the rocks from the sort of fossils found in them – they trust the biologists. And this is one big circular argument, just waiting to be punctured – except that it already has been, by the “living fossils”. You see, if the geologists are right, then the shark has been swimming around for 75 million years and hasn’t changed a bit – your Gingko plant has lasted even longer, and the last century’s chief candidate for “fish that walked”, the allegedly 300-million-year-old Coelacanth, turned up in the Indian Ocean in the 1940’s (oh and by the way, didn’t have legs, but fins as it turned out, and didn’t walk on to a beach, it’s a deep sea fish – bad luck chaps! Guess again!). This is a problem for evolution – 300 million years, and nothing happened – not one little change – and yet the dinosaurs are supposed to have risen and fallen, followed by me and thee in that time. One biography of early long-age theorist James Hutton is entitled “The Man Who Found Time”. Evolution needs to invent lots and lots of time in which things can happen – the more the better – just add time, and maybe people will believe that what is impossible will surely happen if you just wait long enough. But time isn’t just a place where you can hide all the evidence you mysteriously haven’t found yet – it is the enemy of evolution, allowing for more decay and a greater genetic burden. However long you’ve got, it still doesn’t work. And as for the 300 million years? – Well, when Mount Saint Helens blew its top in 1980, one scamp by the name of Dr. Steve Austin waited for the lava to cool, took a sample and sent it off to the lab for dating. The lab said it formed 300 million years ago – it wasn’t even 3 years old – it formed on camera in front of the entire world. Radiometric dating methods assume too much to be reliable.

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