Evolution as Bad Science – 11) And finally….

Let’s finish with what eminent evolutionist Steven Jay Gould called the trade secret of paleontology. The key word in the term “missing link” is missing. If evolution were true we would see transitional forms in the fossil record, something on its way to being something else. But with all the furore and clamour for publicity, not a single one has ever been found. Bill Bryson’s “Brief History of Everything” admits that all the bones that exist that are supposed to be ancestors of man would fit in a family car. And there are no transitional fossils between them, and no evidence that they really were anyone’s grand-daddy. Charles Darwin openly worried about the lack of missing links in the fossil record. He thought it was an argument against his theory, but put the problem off till the future, hoping that generations of fossil-hunters would find one for him. But there’s been nothing, nada, zilch. It just didn’t happen.

Some folk make a career out of evolution. They give speeches and sell books knocking the idea that God made us, and make a living out of making a monkey out of you. The BBC and the Discovery Channel help them along with the approach that blind repetition will make people believe them, and sadly, for the most part, that is what happens. But it doesn’t matter how many people believe it or how often they repeat it- if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen.

Evolution’s success as a theory is dependent on the fact that it meets a very specific demand – the demand for some reason to reject God, so that we can reject the requirements he places on us. People don’t take heroin because it’s good for them – they take it because they like how it makes them feel. It’s the same with evolution – it will give you “the pleasures of sin for a season” – but ultimately it screws you up, and ignores the reality of a Creator who made us all, and who sent his Son to die for us, and to defeat death so that we can have forgiveness through him – if we’re willing to accept him as our Lord.

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