“Would you Adam and Eve it?” is how Cockney rhyming slang asks “Would you believe it” and therefore provides a particularly appropriate title for a UK-based site focusing on belief in the Bible, including the Genesis account of creation in 6 days, from light on the first day, through to Adam and Eve at the end of the same week, roughly 6,000 years ago. We seek to draw together resources and information on ministries of particular relevance to the United Kingdom, and to show that true science has no conflict with the Bible, but instead confirms the Bible’s absolute authority as God’s revelation to mankind. We want you to know that when you read the Bible, you can ‘Adam and Eve It’, including the plain meaning of the early chapters of Genesis and other parts of the Bible that refer to them, even if that means rejecting various philosophies that pretend to be science, including Darwinian evolution. And once you’ve believed it, you can put your trust in Jesus Christ, your Creator, and apply his Word to your life.

Here you will find:-

Why it’s safe, indeed necessary, to trust the Bible as the Word of God, and to reject evolution and other philosophies that set themselves up against it.

UK Directory – Details of organisations and individuals promoting bible-based belief in the UK, in particular those who publicise the results of Creation Science.

Creation FAQs Short answers to quick questions about creation, evolution and the Bible.

Resources – Everything from CDs, DVDs and books which you can borrow or buy, through to places to visit, both online and in Britain, which will help you learn more.

Recently, the site’s webPastor and others engaged in a debate in the letters column of the local free newspaper, the Chorley Citizen, which you can find at the end of the UK Directory sidebar.

You can watch the documentary video of Privileged Planet on-line for free at the Apologia Report website: see The Privileged Planet or that and a whole lot more here

British Media reporting on Creation

Times Higher Educational Supplement – Friday 23rd June 2006

BBC Would you Adam and Eve It? – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4398345.stmFriday 1 April 2005

The day after the Kansas State Board of Education’s recent decision to change the biology curriculum, Channel 4 news in the UK showed the following report about the “Creation Museum” in Kentucky. (Shown November 9th 2005).  Click here to watch

Check the Creation Research UK media update for other news.


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