How did Richard Dawkins evolve his yellow streak?

Any fans of Monty Python may remember Brave Sir Robin, who “bravely ran away”. Well, it’s not just for fictional knights, but also over-indulged atheists. Richard Dawkins was a no show at last night’s debating opportunity at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, having penned a snooty note in the Guardian all about how William Lane-Craig wasn’t good enough to debate him, whether this is measured by academic repute, or by moral standing. His latest beef with the man he refuses to debate is that he doesn’t like him defending God having lots of people killed in the Old Testament. Should have been an easy win for Dawkins then, except for his own rejection of objective morality and acceptance of infanticide, which kinds of limits how much he can clutch at that particular straw.
When Dawkins published ‘The God Delusion’ I made sure I was familiar with it, even getting his audio narration so I wouldn’t miss any intonation that might help, but it was such a disappointment. It is not even competent atheism. It is just polemic, and having some familiarity with his would-be opponent’s work, which is very competent philosophy and theology, I can see why Dawkins was running scared.
It’s been a bad few years for atheism. Apart from all the bravado of the new atheists:- Dawkins doing such a bad job on his book; being seen to lose some arguments and run away from others; and their loss of the 20th Century’s top atheist philosopher, Professor Anthony Flew, when he came to the view that there probably was a God after all. All in all, not good, and so I’m charitably linking this video made by an atheist, which shows that even he doesn’t believe Dawkins any more.

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