Evolution as Bad Science – 2. The Anthropic Cosmological Principle

Why is the universe a nice place to live? Before you can have life, you need somewhere for life to do all the living in, and for the universe, this means that the laws of Physics need to be set up in such a way that allows life to exist. And they are – hence we are all here. But many Physicists are puzzled, because there is no reason that the laws of Physics have to be the way they are – in fact, many of them seem balanced on a knife edge. A little more one way or the other and there would be no life at all anywhere, just one big dead universe. In fact there are so many variables where our universe is ‘just right’ for it to be too suspicious, and so Physicists have tended to lump into two camps. One camp says, “OK, we hold our hands up. It’s just all too neat. Someone must have made it that way – accidents like this just don’t happen. Looks like we’re going to have to admit there is a God.” The other camp says, “OK, this universe is set up for life in a way that looks like a miracle, but if we imagine an infinite number of universes, the vast majority of which have different laws and consequently no life in them then, by the law of averages, a life-bearing universe had to happen eventually.” There is, by the way, absolutely no evidence for believing there is or ever has been any other universe than the one we are in, but an infinity of other universes is invented by people who know the only other option is God. This violates one of the basic rules of science and philosophy – Ockham’s Razor – don’t multiply entities in order to get round difficulties (Or in plain english,  – don’t just make stuff up – and you don’t get much more of a violation of this than making up an infnite number of alternate universes.)

Next we cover the Origin of Life…

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