Evolution as Bad Science – 7) …about sex.

R.D. Laing once wrote “Life is a sexually transmitted disease, and the mortality rate is 100%.” It takes two to tango, but evolution has us all descended from a single cell with no particular gender. So let’s say that these cells do well, and there are billions of them, and an amazingly fortuitous bit of mutation (of which more later) gives one of these cells the property and machinery of being male (or female – you decide). What happens? Well, there it is, with all these extra stretches of DNA to mutate with, and all this extra apparatus to go wrong, and it can’t do anything with them, because there’s no one to impregnate (or be impregnated by). The cell, or its descendants (presuming it is still capable of asexual reproduction), have to survive, against competing ‘normal’ cells, that don’t have the risks posed by the extra DNA, for the next one-in-how-many-million-years when another amazingly fortuitous event occurs that turns another cell into the opposite sex, in a way that makes them compatible, and with sufficient chances of them meeting up for it all to turn out alright in the end. Nope – didn’t happen – listen instead to what God says in Genesis 1 v27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

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