Evolution as Bad Science – an introduction

Our next few posts will cover just ten of the reasons that Evolution and its family of naturalistic theories are Bad Science. To let you know where this is all going, this introduction summarises the top ten.

1. Because the universe exists, didn’t need to, and had to be started by someone.

2. Because the universe is so hospitable to life, against all the odds, that it looks suspiciously like someone made it that way. I wonder who?

3. Because DNA cannot happen by chance.

4. Because DNA can only stay safe within a cell, but you have to already have a cell to make a cell.

5. Because evolution doesn’t just require a living cell to pop out of nowhere, but also that it must be able to reproduce itself. This is another impossible thing.

6. Because existence isn’t just about chemicals combining- it requires the existence of a genetic language system – or to put it another way, it needs the existence of information.

7. Because Male and Female need to be around at the same time – they can’t evolve separately, yet there is no reason for them to evolve together.

8. Because there has never been a mutation that increased the information content of a cell.

9. Because the cell, the body and the whole world displays interdependence – yet evolution only deals with individuals, and dependent things cannot wait for evolution to catch up.

10. Because “living fossils” either expose dating methods as nonsense or show that evolution doesn’t happen.

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11. Because the missing links are still missing and the fossil record is a problem for evolution.

Remember – if any one of these points is valid, then the whole theory of evolution collapses – and what will you replace it with?

But first, a few words on ‘Evolution’ and related theories

Currently, the most popular versions of the theory of evolution claim that all living creatures are descended from a common ancestor. This is supposed to have occurred over the last 3 billion years on earth, from an unknown beginning. Somehow, chemicals are supposed to have accidentally got together in order to form something that could reproduce, and reproduction continued, guided only by the relative ability of the thing that was reproducing to survive in its environment. Random mutations are supposed to have happened with some of this “something” (to call it a creature would be to go too far, when we are not even aware of whether it had a cell wall), until they happily developed improvements that made them better able to survive against the original forms. This is supposed to have continued to happen over billions of years, with different creatures emerging remarkably adapted to their surroundings, and improving and adding new functions all the time, until we get to the unparalleled complexity of you, me and the world around us.

Oddly, this view is perhaps best at describing itself. The idea of evolution from a human ancestor has a long history, and uncertain beginnings. It certainly wasn’t Charles Darwin’s idea, and not even the idea of his eminent grandad, Erasmus Darwin, as it stretches back to ancient greek myths. Evolution has changed over the years, although not accidentally, but guided by human purpose, to fit the social environment in which it has come to reside, and the versions of evolution (for there are many) have survived according to their ability to exploit and thrive in their environment. Consequently, as in nature life thrives all over the planet, evolution as an idea has secured dominance particularly in the Western World, and as in nature there are grey squirrels just waiting to displace red squirrels from their habitat, so there are different varieties of evolutionary theory just waiting to step into any gap left by a previous version that has become discredited. In a real sense, in evolutionary theory the theory itself  is the only thing that has been seen to evolve, and every change has been the purposeful decision of an “intelligent” being, rather than the random actions of death and chance. Evolution’s only possible example actually denies its driving force, for it depends on Design from outside the system. Ironically, believers in Evolution need the God of the Bible for their theory every bit as much as creationists do. But as previous posts have shown, the God of the Bible is not available to evolutionists.

Why am I talking about science in an article that is opposed to evolution? Well, actually, there is plenty of scientific evidence that casts doubt on the idea that every living creature in the world is descended from a common ancestor by a system depending on chance, mutation and the ‘survival of the fittest’. Much of this evidence can be accessed via the ‘About’ sections of this site, accessible immediately beneath the logo at the top of the page.

However, it can take a bit of dedication, familiarity with science, and a reasonable amount of time and effort just to understand the debate, and that could seem like a bit too much effort, particularly with creation being dismissed on a regular basis as a ‘fringe’ view that is close to madness. So here I’m giving my current Top Ten among the many reasons why Evolution doesn’t work, in the hope that you might be inclined to take your research further.

As one patron saint of Evolutionists (Carl Sagan) said, “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch you must first of all create the universe”, so we’ll start the next post at the beginning.

1. Why is there anything at all?

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