Reasons that Evolution is Bad Theology – 1-3

Many Christians are perfectly happy with the theory of evolution, and the idea that the earth has been around for billions of years. If they can come to terms with it, why would I think it was important to tackle it?

Well, firstly, there is the question of science. If evolution cannot meet the standards of good science, then it fails to be what it claims to be, and we should not believe it. We will address the scientific shortcomings of evolution in future posts, demonstrating that evolution is bad science.

But evolution is also bad theology, and here are three reasons why:-

1) Evolution is not what’s in the text of the Bible.The Bible clearly teaches that the universe and everything in it, from molecules to man, was created in 6 days roughly 6,000 years ago. If a Christian supports evolution they must deny the natural meaning of the text and substitute another meaning. This promotes a low view of scripture, and frees anyone to put any meaning they like on any text. It fails to treat the text with respect, suggests God deceived the first readers of Genesis, and implies that these readers were too simple to understand what really happened. If the natural meaning of the Scripture is not the real meaning, then anyone can use any text to promote any teaching and man becomes the measure of all things, rather than God.

2) Evolution is contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the apostles. The Gospels (Luke 3) trace the lineage of Jesus all the way back to Adam. Jesus referred to the murder of Abel as a shedding of blood “from the foundation of the world”. Jesus referred to how things were “in the days of Noah” and “in the days before the flood…up to the day Noah entered the ark”. (Luke 11 vv 50-51; Matthew 24 vv 37-38, and Luke 17 vv 26-27). In Mark’s Gospel (10 v 6), Jesus also quoted from Genesis 2 referring to God’s creation of men and women ‘in the beginning’ (i.e. not 13 or 14 billion years after the beginning, as with modern evolutionary theory). The Apostle Paul refers to Adam, Eve, the temptation by the serpent  (1 Corinthians 15 v 45; 1 Timothy 2 v 13 and 2 Corinthians 11 v 3), and Peter also refers to Noah and the flood (2 Peter 2 v 5). See here and here for more detail.

3) Evolution is a religion of death, rather than the Christian religion of life. Evolution teaches that all progress among species is driven by mutations that magically improve a member of that species, which improves its ability to survive, with the rest of the species dying off at a disadvantage. Evolution therefore requires billions of years of death and suffering to produce progress even if it did happen. To believe that God used evolution to create all life on the planet suggests a God who is committed to death as a means of Creation, whereas the Bible teaches that death is the enemy that must and will be conquered by Christ. Death is not the source of progress, but the enemy of it and of us all. See more here.

We will present further reasons evolution is bad theology in future posts.

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