‘ink about it.

According to the Beeb “Palaeontologists have drawn with ink extracted from a preserved fossilised squid uncovered during a dig in Trowbridge, Wiltshire,” and said squid is believed to be 150 million years old, which is really not the sort of belief I can support.

Now I know that t’internet and blogs and such have made pen and ink really a thing of the past, and that 150 million years is the sort of time you need to get people to accept that evolution can get past the astronomical odds that beset its every move, but is ink really so much older then those first writings in Genesis which bare witness of a much younger world?

Dr Phil Wilby of the British Geological Survey said “”It is difficult to imagine how you can have something as soft and sloppy as an ink sac fossilised in three dimension, still black, and inside a rock that is 150 million years old.”


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